Music to suffer by

So, I’ve made it through Sufferlandaria passport control and enjoyed the “No Place Like Home” music track. The forum thread for that workout hinted that new workouts with enhanced suffering are on the way. So let’s open up the music discussion.

I’d like the minions to get into Bluegrass, Celtic, and other acoustic-driven music from around the world. I’ve got a playlist used for no-vid workouts built around fast-moving bluegrass and related music, and it really helps with cadence builds.

So I’ve shown my cards. What else is out there that the minions should start listing to and getting GvA excited about?


I typically disable the music in SYSTM to play my own in the background, especially after the first time doing a workout, as I tend to prefer a variety mix of upbeat electronic/dance/r&b/hip-hop.

Usually I just create station in Apple Music or Spotify or similar based on a song in one of those categories, or pick an available playlist, but curious if anyone has any public playlists they especially like and want to share.


Music is so personal… I had to look up ‘bluegrass’ - could tolerate a small amount of it peppered throughout Sufferfest, but I wouldn’t want too much of it. I like the idea of mixing up the sounds, though.

I enjoy a bit of trance or dance music when doing high cadence novids. Thank goodness we can choose to listen to anything we want! Personally, I love the original soundtracks.

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Rock and heavy metal are my favourites. Deep Purple, Iron maiden, Van Halen, Rush, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy etc… guaranteed to get those legs fired up!!


I’d second the Celtic and Bluegrass however music is so personal it would be hard to plesse the masses.

I, like others, use my own playlust when appropriate…

o Mary Black
o The Pipe Band of the Royal Tank Regiment.
o The Chieftains
o The Band of the Irisg Gaurd

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