From The Coaches: Picking your Plan

How can we determine an average MRHR? Is it the average of let’s say a week or the average of the 5 or 10 minute measurement?

I would suggest that you take your morning resting heart rate at the same time each morning before getting out of bed for a week to get your average. You can do this manually or with a device or app, whichever you decide, be consistent. Need for recovery, sleep hours and hydration levels can easily affect your heart rate. It’s all about establishing a pattern!


Do you mind sharing a screen shot of what you are seeing and which plan you are referencing?

Thank you

I would recommend completing your intervals first but you could add a couple of hours at Z2-Z3 intensity during your non recovery weeks. In terms of which day, that would be up to your schedule. Remember, this is an additional training stress to it will effect future workouts. If your looking for a more individualized plan you could always purchase a Customized Training Plan.


Hilly grand fondo, pick with strength… you will see says for riders who not done 4dp. There other plans also, just not at pc to check quickly.

As posted on other thread, i picked it up as the “strength plan” had almost no session focused on my weakness where the “no strength” had fair a amount. Might be coincidence, but not sure

Thank you for taking the time to send this over. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention as this is incorrect and will be addressed. I would suggest that you choose the Hilly Gran Fondo plan- Indoor/Outdoor and then go to the Cross Training Tab and add strength. When you have a strength and bike workout on the same day, plan to do the strength session first, to get the muscles firing and ready for the bike.


I do this every morning before getting out of bed, currently 485 day streak using the EliteHRV app and the Coresense finger sensor (you can also use a Wahoo TCKR chest strap). The data is nice for going back and comparing the morning HRV score and how training went.

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Other plans That have same wording… all with strength option.

  • Road Metric century (novice/intermediate)
  • Full Century advance/intermediate
  • Time trail (advance)

Might be more, not checked all

Busy comparing plans now on different user profiles

Wife is a pursuiter and Im a sprinter and when look at any of the plans we get exact same plan…

It used to show different plans, not sure if something broke when changed to include inspirational videos?

What’s your wife’s weakness and what’s yours?

Both is sustained weakness. But if i go under passport different workouts is suggested and we used to get different sessions on the plans a month ago.

Dunno, logged call with minions, maybe something changed on profiles

I believe the plans are tailored by weakness so you’d both get the same plan content. Good call contacting the minions though, I’m sure they’ll clear things up for you.

Ja, Realised after posting my weakness changed after 4DP last week, but was under impression takes strength into account…

If only takes weakness, it will all make sense…

From minions…

“… That’s a great question! The plans are adapted to your weakness and not specifically your strength …”

So makes sense then

I’m ready to start training for my first 100mi MTB event, June 5, 2021 so exactly 24 weeks away. I’ve done the 100km twice now. Just looking to finish happy :slight_smile:

So l’m guessing the plan should be:

12 weeks of pre-season XC Mountain Bike
12 weeks of In-Season XC Mountain Bike - Advanced

Does that sound correct?

Hello Brian, welcome! Its a good thing you know what you’re getting yourself into…Have you used our SUF Training plans previously? Just want to be sure that you have completed a Full Frontal Test recently. Your plan sounds solid beginning with the Pre Season Plan although, I would recommend including strength with both plans and highly recommend taking one week of recovery in between the two plans. We typically recommend beginning with an Intermediate plan prior to completing an Advanced plan unless you are experienced with a 3 on 1 week of recovery training cycle. Happy Training!

Thanks Coach. I love the SUF workouts, they got me through winter 2018, 2019 :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the training plans though. Summer 2019 I worked with a triathlon coach through a structured plan to complete my first full distance IM so am comfortable with structured training but it was all done outdoors.

I just wasn’t sure if the XC Mountain Bike is more suited for traditional distances or if it’s a good fit for marathons. Is there enough training volume for a 100 miler? At some point in my training shouldn’t I be putting in some long days on the trails?


I’m happy with 15% increase in FTP over Year 2020.

However, in the last intermediate road training plan, my FTP did not see any improvement even though Half Monty was projecting to hit 241.

I am now on Advanced Road Training Plan (Indoor/Outdoor) .

For outdoor portion, I ride HR zone 2 around 70 miles per day so around 140 miles over the weekend. I have been clocking 140 mile outdoor every weekend for almost the whole this year 2020.

And I have a question:
Can it be my current 140 mile outdoor endurance ride is too much that it erases gains during the build phase in the training plan?

If I look at my training plan, the weekend duration is around 1.30 - 2hr ride each day while I am clocking 3-5 hours each day.

Too much cardio does not help in muscular build. Should I cut down on my weekend rides?

Brian, great to hear The SUF has been working for you. Congrats on completing your first Ironman. If you have more time available to train, I would recommend you take a look at the 100 Mile Gravel Grinder 12 Week Plan and replicate the hours on the weekends. Ideally you really need to get in some 4-5 hrs rides back to back where you are hitting 14 hrs per week for 3 weeks at a minimum. This will also give you the opportunity to practice your nutrition strategy, which is just as important as your training! However, when on a recovery week stick with the hours and intensities of the plan you are using! We do offer Custom Plans if you want to go that route check out the link below-

Simplz, are you adhering to the intensities and durations prescribed in your plan during your recovery weeks? 15% increase in FTP is pretty impressive if you have been completing several plans back for 2020! Was this increase achieved through a Half Monty or FF? During your previous plans, were you riding the same durations and intensities on the weekends that you are now? What are your goals?

The lack of increase in FTP could be the result of overreaching due to the increase in durations on the weekend. The plans are written with specific progressions tailored to your needs based on your 4DP test results. If you are adding durations you may be throwing off the balance that is written into your plan. You can “plateau” if, when you overreach and do not allow your body to get enough recovery and go through adaptation and growth. You will need to be sure you have adequate recovery. If you need longer hours for a specific event or goal you may need to pick a different training plan.

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