Help! Windows app crashed / closed mid ride

Was 10 mins away from completing a NoVid workout when the W10 app just closed on me!! :sob: Any way I can recover this to a fit file and upload to Strava / TP? Also would be good if this can show up in SUF passport.


Hey @Vik, I’m really sorry that this happened. Please submit a help request to the minions here:

They should be able to get you fixed up.


Cheers @Cody.Moore - I should have said I emailed The Minions anyway (#972326). Hope I can recover the stats :crossed_fingers:


Were they able to recover it? This seems like quite the miss step here. I bumped the back button on my mouse today. Worse so it was while trying to drag the video to the start of the cool down after the ramp test, and without any warning about work out ending ect I was back on my Callender. So welp there goes an painful ftp test…