FTP Progression 4 Description Ambiguity

The FTP Progression 4 description states:

“This workout is best done after completing the first three FTP progressions a couple of times, so this workout shouldn’t have you feeling maxed out, but it won’t be a walk in the park either!”

At the risk of starting a linguistic war between different speakers of English, in this context, does a “couple of times” mean a few times as speakers of US English often mean, or does it literally mean just twice. Or does it just mean use your judgement?

I just finished all three FTP Progressions a second time. I did FTP Progression 3 with revised numbers after a Half-Monty. I had no problems. Should I do the first three progressions one more time, or should I do FTP Progression 4 next week?

I searched the Forum and the articles and did not find any guidance.


I would read that as 2 would be sufficient. Especially based on your report of having no problems after Progression 3. Remember, #TUHNTF