Mountain Fondo plan done, what to do next

Hi all,

I did the Full Frontal and it was a pain that seemed to take ages to complete. My numbers went down from the previous Half Monty. Accordingly, it told me my weakness is sustained efforts.
Now I’m not sure what to do next. There are training plans for FTP/MAP/AC/NM, but which is best for “Sustained”?
Looking at my 4DP-graph, I should work on my AC as well. That seems like an odd combination :slight_smile:
This is my 4DP result. Meanwhile I did the Mountain Fondo plan and the included Half Monty pushed FTP to 273 and MAP to 332.

Thank you for your input!

Do the FTP Progression series – that will help with your sustained efforts.

You can also filter the workouts by “Sustained Efforts” and you will find about 35 workouts that will help you.
Among Sufferfest workouts: Attacker, Cobbler, Defender, The Rookie, Long Scream and Hell Hath No Fury

There are also the mash-ups such as It Seemed Like Thin Air and Kitchen Sink.

These should keep you busy for a while.


The AC portion of you 4DP graph is more than half full which makes it a strength not a weakness.

An AC weakness looks like this


The traditional way to work on a sustained weakness is high volume endurance riding at steady Z2.
SYSTM is smarter than that, if you pick any of the cycling plans they will be tailored to work on your weakness.
What are you riding goals?
How many hours a week can you ride?


Thank you both.

I’m recovering from the Mountain Fondo 4h endurance ride yesterday, so that’s exactly what I need, then.

I want to partake in a couple of local community rides this year. They usually have a 100-120km category. It’s not racing, but still competetive.

I can get about 8h of training into my weekly schedule.

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Looks like you have a very strong MAP. @Heretic has solid recommendations! You can also try a Threshold Building Blocks Training Plan.

Plans > Cycling > General Fitness > Building Blocks > Threshold

Good luck!


Thank you. It seems I underestimated the individual customization built into the training plans and I hadn’t really discovered the Building Blocks.

I’m quite happy with what humans and minions have pieced together in Systm and RGT and also the support in the forums and facebook.

Just remember that the building blocks are the same for everyone. The training plans are tailored to your 4DP profile.

I really like the Mountainous Fondo plans, it has a nice balance between :blue_square: ‘bums-on-saddle’ hours and riding your legs to mush on the :yellow_square: MAP workouts.


Are you sure about that? The Blocks are training plans and it states that they are tailored by 4DP in the app.:thinking:

It has confused me many times, but from what I understand:

There’s 4DP numbers, as in: your very own power curve, and there’s your rider 4DP profile & weakness

Each workout by itself is tailored to your 4DP numbers as the four coloured power targets are scaled to your 4 power capabilities as derived from FF.

Each building block targets one very specific aspect of a power curve and therefore is not tailored to your rider profile. (each individual workout is still tailored to your 4DP numbers).

The event plans are tailored to your rider profile taking your strength and weakness into consideration when picking the type of workouts in the plan. And then those workouts are again still tailored to your 4DP numbers.

I happily stand corrected as I am no coach. Perhaps @Coach.Neal.H, @Coach.Rupert.H or @Francois-Wahoo can shed some light on this?

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That would make sense. With Event Plans, the plan targets your 4DP ‘weaknesses’ wrt the goal. With Building Block plans, you are selecting which 4DP to target. In either case the workouts are scaled appropriately to your 4DP.