Full Frontal - Half Monty Comparison

As you might notice in the attached screenshot, I’d much rather do the Half Monty than a Full Frontal test (it’s been 10 months since my last FF). But one aspect of HIIT is that we need to be pushing our limits in order to improve. With that in mind I’ve just completed a Half Monty yesterday and Full Frontal today so that I can compare the results. I wanted to make sure that the Half Monty was working for adjusting my training targets.

I’ve heard it said that the Half Monty is more accurate for certain rider types than others, Attacker being one of those. But how close are they? Note that I botched my AC interval which changed my rider type. Had that value actually been a bit higher I might still be considered an Attacker. Lastly, I’ve removed any actual wattages from the charts to protect the guilty (me). I don’t want y’all to die laughing. That wouldn’t be the proper type of suffering.

MY VERDICT: HM results are just a few watts off from my FF, an acceptable result for my rider type. Not that I should avoid a FF, there’s nothing to fear but well Grunter and Laser Goats and Lava moats and okay there’s lots to fear but FF and HM aren’t among them!

CORRECTION: NM% should read 305% instead of 3.05%

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