Yet another FF vs HM, but specific conditions

Read a bunch of previous threads on this topic but thought I’d post my question because I didn’t see the exact same scenario.

Quick back ground. Started racing back in 98’. Raced consistently until about 5-6 years ago. (Dad life) Still riding here and there, but not consistent, though I still do have periods where I don’t completely suck and am happy with my fitness. Fast forward. Pandemic has me stuck inside all week with my kid and his online schooling. Didn’t want to throw away the fitness I managed to gain over the summer. Decide to bite the bullet and buy my first smart trainer at the end of November. HOLY CRAP! Where were these things when I was racing? 1000% upgrade over all my trainers and indoor training sessions before. Took my first Full Frontal on Dec 3rd. Knew I needed a baseline. Signed up for the 12 Week Road Program. Started that on Dec 14th. Just did my scheduled Half Monty today as it’s my half way point I think. Improvements across the board as I’d expect but also knowing the Half Monty numbers are a little higher. Ok, so that was my way too long intro for my question:
I know the Half Monty does not adjust your 4DP and that your Half Monty results will typically be higher BUT, I feel like I want to adjust my settings. When I did my FF on Dec 3rd, I had exactly 4 rides in the past 4 weeks prior. (Jeasous? haha) There was no special training or build up. Just hop on the trainer and suffer. Some numbers were ok. Some sucked. Got “Attacker”. Was always a crit/sprint guy who could also pull off a top 3 TT on occasion, so went with their results.
During the past 6 weeks of training my HR is ALWAYS (well, 95%+) of the time lower than the range given. Also, my P.E is almost always way lower than what the program is telling me. Only failed on one work out and that was Nine Hammers. Ouch. Even then, I just needed to pause for 10-15 seconds on the 5th and 6th but killed the last 3. I just feel like these Half Monty results are closer to where I probably am based on years of riding and knowing my body and how I react to training.
So, thoughts after my long rant? Would you change? I feel like at the very least I’d change my HR settings because that’s consistently been wrong and the number I got today lines up more of what I know about myself. As far as my MAP and FTP I got today, those are closer to where I used to be when I actually rode. I just think that my Full Frontal was off because of my utter lack of riding up to that point and now that I’m back to consistently riding/training, these are closer.
Adjust? Adjust HR but not MAP or FTP. Adjust MAP and FTP but don’t go all the way? Split the difference from FF and HM or reduce the HM results by 10% or something?

If you’ve made it this far…thanks. Don’t really have any body to bounce this kinda stuff off of these days.

@Metalvelo The HM test, although it doesn’t change your overall 4DP profile, it should have automatically updated your FTP & MAP numbers and also your lactate threshold hr.


@Metalvelo Second to what @Dafydd said. HM will update your FTP and MAP, but not your NM, AC, or rider profile. So HM will give you new numbers to work off of for the rest of your workouts. You shouldn’t have to manually adjust your numbers unless you encounter an app issue.

Thank you @Dafydd and @emacdoug. A little confusing. The results email you get says things were adjusted, but that it doesn’t adjust your profile. So, I poked around and didn’t see where anything was adjusted. How do you tell? Will it just show up on my next work out? Kinda confused on this one. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question.

When you open and play your next workout, click on settings, and you will see your adjusted FTP and MAP numbers on the settings tab.
Hopefully someone can explain the IT process better than I can!!

Thank you. I had clicked on a work out, but I didn’t go as far as to fully open and mess around. I guess I’ll get to try it out tomorrow morning. :grin:

@Metalvelo Are you looking at the same device that you tested on? I’ve noticed previously that my profile on my phone didn’t immediately update following a test recorded on my iPad and my profile screen had to be physically refreshed.

Just a quick clarification.
Doing full frontal updates all your 4DP numbers and you will see it in your passport.
Doing Half Monty updates FTP, MAP and LTHR but only updates your workout targets in your profile. So your workouts will increase in difficulty to match your new numbers, but your passport won’t show that.

If you want your passport numbers to update, you need to do the Full Frontal again.

(At least that’s what happened to me this morning).

Just did a work out. The new numbers are there. On my ipad and on my iphone I can see the “work out targets” where the updated numbers are but when I’m on my computer and using the app I can’t see those work out targets. Any clue where they are? I think that’s what was confusing me. In any case, I’m glad those got updated. Guess I didn’t need to write my original essay of a question. Haha. Though, being around my 8 year old all day, every day, it was still nice to write about bike nerd stuff. Ha. Thanks again. This Sufferfest is amazing. Buying my trainer and joining this has been the best upgrade I’ve made in a decade. (Though, new bikes are alway good. :grin:)

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There is a bug in iOS where your FF numbers will transfer over everywhere, but your HM results will not transfer over. I did FF in Nov and HM in Dec, both on my iPhone. My iPhone shows my HM numbers, but my windows laptop still show all my old FF numbers.

If we do the HM on Windows then, it will transfer everywhere.

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