Full Frontal on TT bike

In my effort to get ready for my second proper TT season, I’m committing to a winter training in position on the TT bike. I’ve got FF scheduled in a couple of weeks and I’m not sure how to approach it. Obviously the 5 min and 20 min effort will be in position, but what about the sprints and 1 minute effort? Normally in a FF it’s a matter of just getting all the power you can out, but should this be done in position?

I’m wondering if @Coach.Neal.H or @Coach.Mac.C could advise?

Or anyone else with any ideas? If anything I was thinking out of saddle for sprints and attempting the 1 minute in position?

Guess my take would be just like a hilly TT. You get out of your tuck and hammer. Not unlike what you would do in FF anyway on those efforts?

I imagine the 5s to be a short, steep grade you’d have to come out of the saddle for, and then the 1min is maybe a long, slight uphill run to the finish?

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I’d just approach it as you would on the bike if you were in a race.

The sprints should be out of the saddle, see them as rapid acceleration efforts.
As you say, 5 min and 20 min should be in position.
The only question mark is the one minute effort. If you knew you were a handful of seconds down heading to the finish line of a race and needed to squeeze out everything you’d got left for the last minute, what would you do? Probably out of the saddle for the first 20 seconds or so, into the saddle and squeeze for the next 30-35 then back out of the saddle to sprint it in for the last 5-10 if it was me.


Out of the saddle for the sprints, seated in aero bars for 5min and 20min, which is not pleasant, but necessary so you can do all intervals in training in the aero bars at the right power.

As far as the 1-minute effort, what has been your rider type and weakness in the past? Generally, I would say start out of the saddle, transition into the saddle and aerobars and hold it to the end. If your rider type has been Attacker in the past I would say seated the whole time.


I did this as per Coach Mac’s suggestion last year. If I were to do it again then I’d also make sure my follow up plan was more FTP biased so more of the workouts are in the TT position - wasn’t much fun trying to do Violator on the TT bike…

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Had a bit of curve ball thrown so it’ll be a while until I’ll be able to do Full Frontal. My little boy was diagnosed with leukaemia and he’s doing ok so far, but bikes, along with the new Kickr will have to stay boxes up for a while. Life will get better, and I’ll need to stay healthy and active for him, so I will get back to it, just not right now.

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FWIW, we went through this a few years ago with our teenaged daughter. You’re exactly right that it’s an all hands on deck effort for your family to support your son, but definitely don’t neglect yourselves either.

Very best wishes to your son for good treatment and a speedy recovery, and to you and your family for peace and comfort.

If I can be of any assistance or answer any questions, don’t hesitate to DM me here.


Thank you very much. We’re doing ok at the moment. Long way to go.