Full screen overlay?

So this may be already addressed, but I’ve not been able to find it: when I work off a laptop and am watching race video on GCN+, I will use the full-screen overlay (just training bar) from SYSTM and place it at the bottom of the screen. On a Windows laptop this works fine, but on a Mac, it won’t let me run race video full screen and have the SYSTM overlay superimposed. I have to leave the GCN video playing in window, and then I can use the SYSTM overlay. No big deal, just a minor annoyance.

Assuming it has something to do with the way my Mac turns “full screen” into a second desktop, but I’m wondering if it’s just a config I’m missing or what?

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I think your answer is right there. MACOSX and MACOS11/12 put full screen in a second or third window. Thus you can’t overlay it. However, if you maximize the window size you can simulate a full screen with the ability to overlay it…

Strangely enough, it works in Firefox. Apparently Firefox runs it’s own in-browser “full screen”, without triggering the MacOS full screen function.

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Works for me on Chrome too on latest OSX.