Garmin Edge out front mount slides on tapered bars

yeah, that about says it. When I install, it slowly (or not slowly) wiggles loose toward the grips and rolls around the bar. Anyone have suggestions?

Maybe try a bit of tape to level off the taper?

Yeah. Tape or a strip of rubber or something. These mounts and others like it are designed for the traditional setup where the handlebar has a cylindrical portion of nominal diameter (31.8 or 35mm) in the center and is clamped by a stem. The cylindrical portion usually extends far enough on each side of the stem to allow room for the mount to clamp. If your bar is different than this, or you want to put a mount on the bars somewhere other than that, you need to get creative or find a different type of mount. There are mounts that fasten using the stem faceplate bolts, and often there are specific mounts for integrated bar/stem setups, aerobars, etc…

TY. tried some 3m dbl sided tape offset a bit to the narrow
side and worked like a charm


I’ve also used Gorilla tape to help things grip. I use that for my night-riding battery pack - some tape on the top tube gives enough grip to stop the battery pack sliding down the sloping top tube.