Garmin restrictions?


I m still pretty new to SUF and I’m in love with it :wink:
Now I have a little concern, I am completely in the Garmin Ecosystem with my watch,edge,tacx trainer, weight scale etc… and as we know SUF is part of Wahoo, a competitor of Garmin. So I m wondering if I have to expect any future feature limitations for Garmin devices? As an example the outdoor workout sync could be only possible with wahoo devices?
Or will SUF stay compatible and open to everyone?
If I m honest, this concern kept me from changing to a yearly subscription…



As a user and Garmin person also, I can only think that Wahoo doesn’t offer the equipment breadth that Garmin does for the triathlon crowd, and Sufferfest does appeal to those short sock wearing, triple sport weirdos, so it seems that Sufferfest would need to play nice with Garmin for this reason.


I believe Wahoo/SUF is one of the few platforms that actually support sending your workouts to… a Garmin.


Hi there. I’m not aware any of the software platforms, whether it’s SUF or not , have any differentiation.

They’re all software platforms that link to a trainer, and that is pretty much that.

It would be completely crazy to offer a software service like this that is intended for everyone, and then limit it to only work with one manufacturers hardware.

I continue to use TACX as that’s my trainer. I sometimes use my Garmin HR strap.
They’re just bits of hardware that emit signals and there’s loads of brands of them, not just Wahoo and Garmin. So the same question would apply to polar equipment, 3iii, whatever.

I don’t think there’ll be constraints applied by any of the platforms.


Yes this is also what I think, anyhow I have my concerns.
I could imagine that SUF is working closer with Wahoo in order to integrate new features on head units. This makes total sense, its now one company.
At this point the only thing I can think of is outdoor workouts, but there might be others we are not aware yet. Will there ever be a Garmin SUF app or is this never going to happen now?
So I m wondering how close SUF and Wahoo are, are they working on exclusivity or will SUF stay SUF just part of Wahoo?

A Garmin SUF app? I wasn’t aware that was ever a thing(or a polar one or a wahoo one or one for the dozen different head unit manufacturers)

There is a Windows app, an iOS app, and in the coming period an Android app.

There isn’t an app for head units, the app is in our personal computers.

What will happen in years to come is a good question … I guess all manufacturers will have a roadmap.

As things stand just now it all appears reasonably well shareable across all hardware and software.

Outdoor workouts … given that is a ‘file’ of data I don’t see why that wouldn’t or couldn’t be workable on any head unit … but it wouldn’t change my decision in December on an annual sub as I’d rather save the money than pay monthly. If something happens in the future then maybe I’d change my view but as it stands, I’d choose the cheapest option that allows me to use SUF.

And that’ll be an individual decision.

Monthly works just the same at the end of the day ! We still get to use the app and happy days.

Only speculating here, but from all I’ve read around, all manufacturers finally agreed on the ANT+ FEC control for the trainers (erg) was adopted, the BLE standard is also established but AFAIK less well implemented, hence the appearance of some issues sometimes. So I believe in order to reach the maximum level of customers they’ll keep that compatibility, however, I do believe maybe some wahoo specific features could appear, e.g today the implementation of wahoo climb on suff videos exists already and who knows what could come next… Indeed a good question, am still on my Tacx Neo gen 1 and it’s still going hard! (toc toc toc knock on wood). But am wondering what would be next when this one dies!


@TheBlackKite this might be more appropriate in the main ‘Sufferfest software’ category rather than feature requests. And tag one of the SUF team maybe for future insight thoughts?

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Yep, indeed I moved the topic.
Not sure who I should tag from the SUF team, but I would imagine they read here in any case. And most likely they won’t or can’t comment too much on this anyway :slight_smile: (poking a bit :smiley: )
Indeed it is pure speculation, but fact is that the other software platforms (trainerroad,xert, TP etc) are more independent than SUF now. Regarding the app I meant Garmin connect IQ, as you have trainingpeaks,todays plan,xert apps etc existing. I don’t know if it was ever planned, it was more of an example :slight_smile:
I like the discussion here :+1:

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I’m sure @Cody.Moore or @David.McQuillen.KoS have better thoughts than I !!

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Actually, Garmin Connect IQ gets pretty close to that. There is, for instance a Xert player, that allows you to run a workout on your Garmin (Edge).

Problem with that kind of CIQ apps, is that they take over the unit, so you lose other screens.

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