Garmin watch. Should I switch from Polar?

I’ve been using a Polar Vantage V for a while now, so I have everything in Polar. Sensors, HR band, etc. But it doesn’t work well with Sufferfest. It would be easier to use Garmin which connects directly to sufferfest. Any opinions?

Connect IQ is why I use Garmin. I have running pods and an aerodynamic sensor which use non-standardised measurements (cDa, impact etc) . If you have any unusual sensors you may get new data. Not sure I’d bother otherwise.

I send Suf workouts to Strave (Free) and that sends it to Final Surge and Golden Cheetah (both free). I suspect that’d work for you.

Hi @d102,

just out of interest, which products are you referring to exactly? I have no experience with Polar, but the SUF-Support-Site mentions compatibility with

  • Polar Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Sensors
  • Polar H10 HR Strap Bluetooth
  • Polar H7 HR Strap Bluetooth


Did you contact SUF-Support ( → click here ← ) for some assistance?

I like Garmin’s platform. And if you want to get a watch, too, well, they have some pretty awesome offerings in their stable. Can’t go wrong with a Fenix as a Multi-sport watch.

Are you using the devices outside of Sufferfest?

Another way to go would be to look at Wahoo’s products. Since they obtained The Sufferfest a little while ago, it would mean your software and hardware comes from the same company. There are numerous benefits from this.

I’m a little biased in this department but pretty happy with my Wahoo products. The ecosystem slowly starts to really shine as a whole.