GCN vids now No-Vids due to expired license agreement

Further to some recent posts about the GCN vids and the expired licensing agreement, Sir @Rupert.H provided a list of the matching NoVids that remain in the library.

GCN Title NoVid Title
Aerobic Endurance Tempo Alternating Cadence: 2 x 20
Endurance Ride Tempo with Surges: 2 x 20
Equalizer Micro Intervals: Equal Work Rest 10/20/30/20/10
Escalator Tempo/FTP Progressive Build
Max Efforts minimum Time AC: 2 Sets 5 x 30
Muscular Endurance intervals Sub-Threshold Variable Cadence: 2 x 20
Power Torque intervals Micro Intervals: 3 Sets 8/6/4 x 40/20s
Ready, Steady, Go Warm Up: 25 Minutes
Sprint Efforts AC: 5 x 30
Strength Endurance Tempo Increasing Cadence: 6 x 2
Torque monster Standing starts 2 x 20s Plus Big Gear MAP: 2 Sets 4 x 30
VO2 Max Intervals MAP Decreasing Duration: 4/3/2/1/30s

That’s really annoying!! I liked these workouts with the presenters as it is these GCN training workouts that got me started in the first place. Probably won’t do then now just staring at a blank screen unless I can somehow match up the relevant you tube video’s of them with the workout using my phone and laptop.


You’d be in the significant minority here though @ozmadman

Personally, I’d have rather punched myself in the face than ride the GCN vids. To be fair to wahoo and GCN, the workouts were GREAT and I like the presenters, it’s just that that style of workout, essentially a spin (or Peloton) class is something I just can’t bring myself to do again. Since they had become part of the app in 2019, I had only done 4 of them and never repeated.

Sir @JSampson suggested doing them in RGT so you at least have something to look at and can then see your efforts on a “road”:

I feel your pain though, it’s always tough to lose something when you like it. My wish is they create SUF vids for each one they turned into a No-Vid :pray: :pray: :pray: :heart:


Yes they are the exception, don’t know who that guy and girl was but they lowered the tone of GCN training by a mile and I couldn’t bear to even watch them let alone do one of those workouts. I like Simon, Hank, Conor, Manon etc doing the workouts and Chris, Emma and Matt before they left. Dan has turned into a Wimp though, he did all that training with the Neal (Zero to Hero I think it was), got some good stats and then let it go all down the drain…


Where do you get that file? I get a .fit file emailed to me once i have done a workout so can you get a file to send to RGT before? cheers

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You get the file by installing the browser extension, which adds the ability to download it:


Thanks, that’s brilliant!! got the web app and the download window is there… cheers!!

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Haha. Keep up Sir @JSampson! :joy:


Really. Well, as I stated originally, the reason I subscribed to Systm was because these GCN video’s were there. They are as close to interactive as you could get, and just playing the workout to an unrelated background very much is NOT the same thing.
For this reason, and the increased cost, I won’t be renewing my subscription.


Some folks come for one reason and stay for others. I guess it’s not for everyone though. Good luck with whatever you land on.

Edit: Hey @ElGroover, fwiw, while they’re not strictly GCN style vids, there are a bunch of On Location workouts with Michael Cotty, and some with Nicole Frain where they do describe what they’re doing in the workouts and do it along with you on the road they’re riding rather than in a room like the GCN vids.

There’s also a few of the vids from the A Week With series (a couple with Phil Gaimon and Ian Boswell) where they also do a similar thing.

Another instructional type vid is Elements of Style where the voice over narrator tells you what to do while you are doing it and it’s being ilustrated on screen.

Not looking to change your mind so much as letting you know that as long as you have a subscription, there might be some things in there you’d still enjoy.


OK, I’ll have a look. Open mind etc, but I’m still disappointed.


Well, I looked at what was supposed to be the equivalent of VO2 Max Intervals. It’s not even close. For sure, it is still a workout, but there is no way to sync it to the existing GCN video. Still really disappointed.

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It’s a bit of work, but its feasible to recreate the workouts.
Go through the GCN video and get the time stamps of the intensity changes and then use these to calculate interval lengths.
Then use an appropriate workout editor (like intervals.icu) to build the workout.
Then email the workout file to workouts@rgtcycling.com.
Open the GCN video in a web browser, pause, resize window and position in lower 2/3rds of screen (only need to resize if you want to see the workout steps) and your power output.
Open RGT and begin workout.
Alt-Tab to bring browser window on top and unpause video

Personally i dont think it’s worth the effort, but if you really like those videos then it should be possible and once the workout is created and added to your account isn’t too much hassle in future.

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Thanks for posting this Glen. I had logged into the forum to ask why, when I click a workout in my calendar, it opens as something else. Now I know why. Thanks.


Always happy to help others (to suffer) Sir @Eric!

Btw, your yoga and hollow hold streaks are freakin’ otherworldly!!!

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I’ve been looking for a good (and easy) workout builder - other than Z****t - that I can use to import workouts into RGT. I’m already on intervals.icu, but I’m not immediately seeing how to build a workout on it. I can export my finished workouts, but I don’t see how to build a new one? I feel like I’m missing something (wouldn’t be the first time!).

Click on the little book icon, then click the three dot menu and go from there. If you’re creating it from scratch.

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Perfect. Thank you!

I’ve not done it from there. I think you might even be able to create one from a previously done workout.

The workout builder on Garmin Connect is also pretty straightforward.

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