Getting ride profile from RGT before it disappears

How can I get a ride profile from an RGT ride I like to do and in what format? I am looking for a .fit or .gpx or whatever might be available so I can capture some rides and then upload to another program.

I was poking around ErgVideo and I see they allow you to upload a video in a .fit format. I have a few rides from another source in .gpx which I can upload to RideWithGps and then export as a .fit file.

Any help here?

If you log into your RGT ride history on the web you can email yourself the fit files for your rides.

Or if you’ve shared them to Strava you can export them from Strava. There is a “Export Original” option. Or if not then you can share them to Strava and then export them.

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Thanks Sir Evan. I have all of my rides on Strava so that works. What is the difference between Export gpx & Export Original, if you know.

Also a tangent question. Is there some way to get this info from the app or RGT website on rides I have not yet done but look interesting?

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You can ignore the ‘what’s the difference’ question, I found the answer on Strava Support. The Export Original is a .fit file and Export GPX is as the name implies.

Would still love an answer on the tangent question about rides I have not done.

Thanks again,

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For this are you referring to a .gpx for a route you haven’t ridden yet?

For any Magic Route or Just Ride route you would either need to 1) Ride the route, or 2) Find someone who has who can share a .gpx file with you.

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Unlikely I will do that in the next 7 days. :confused:


But there are many on RGT that would share routes. You can ask here or in the RGT fb group.

I thought about that. Being a bit of a nerd, I am trying a few tests on RGT now. I will explain more once I have something in the way of results.

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