Go Outside, Be Kind, Let the Minions work

Morning, this may be a good time to ride outside if you can or go for a walk, hike and let the Minions do what they do. Or, go back to bed for some more rest on this fine day. Be calm everyone and please be kind. 🥰🦖🚵


I hadn’t been on Zwift in a few months. So, fired that up, got good workout in, finally made level 35 and unlocked the Mavic shoes. I’ll beat myself up on Cobbler tomorrow.


I missed the tempest in a teacup this morning. Logged on maybe 30 minutes after things came back up. That did "The Trick. " :grin: :tophat:


Glad to have missed whatever…
I was all fired up to do Nine hammers this morning, after the first two I was convinced this was the one time in my life I was gonna get thru the nine, I felt so good. And then got a stinking flat.
Sometimes, you just gotta take life’s hint to go outside and get some real world instead! So I stopped swearing at my trainer, and did that, and it was great.
At the end of the day, boy do we Sufferlandrians have what can only be described as “First World Problems” :rofl:
Hope everyone else had a wonderful April day too!


This is why I always try to download videos before I ride them.
Tomorrow, I plan on riding “It Seemed Like Thin Air.” I downloaded it on Friday.