Half Monty disappointment

Well, after preparation and not being able to ride yesterday due to the outage I managed to get the ride in a bit of a rush today after work. Wednesday is my low carb day, just a few protein snacks during the day so I necked a gel 30 minutes before the start​:roll_eyes:- I doubt I needed it. The ride doesn’t come close to depleting energy stores. Still managed to mess things up with fan too far away and hitting my legs rather than torso :grimacing: Called Mrs B to move it but never quite right. Overheated and could tell from HR. I always fatigue quickly when hot.
FTP down 15 from 252 at 3.2w/k and map down 7 , lthr at 163 instead of 165 but still useable numbers. And in all likelihood probably the right numbers :grin:


@bob_dynowski so ride the new #’s and see what you think, or pitch it and retake the test when you’re feeling better.

There’s nothing sacred about any of this. I promise the suffer inquisition won’t show up at your door.



Was thinking about testing the other day, I’ve been off the bike, out of form, due to holidays, vacation and Covid in my immediate family. So I’ll be down a bit when I do retest.

Which brings me to my point that testing is a snapshot of your current abilities, and it can’t always improve. So while I used to get really upset when my numbers were lower, and often avoided testing, Ive come to view the results merely as objective truth. Assigning worth to a test is counterproductive.

I love HM and still hate FF
As it should be…


Amen, and amen.

Not at my door but somehow in my head :slight_smile:

Yep, I can’t disagree with what you are saying. Tests are a snapshot reflect what i can do at that moment in time. I have slept on the disappointment and will move on with the new numbers only adjusting if it proves necessary.

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Keep in your head that training off fresh numbers is better in the long run than trying to push yourself to keep up with numbers that are ahead of where your body is. The former are just right by design, the latter will fatigue you too much and/or not give you the intended training impulses. Sometimes less is more, a wise man once said.


I am the opposite. HM, for me is bollocks. I think FF should be in every plan so you can do it on a bi-weekly basis. Easy enough for me to delete a ride and schedule a FF in its place.

To answer what you are thinking… yes, I am the pound owner of 7 concussions

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Well I’ve done FF 15 times since it was introduced and HM 6 times.


Not sure if this is helpful, so apologies if it is not. Not sure what diet you are on, but I’ve had bad fitness tests when not suitably carbed/fuelled/rested. (I use Intermittent Fasting).

In my experience, you have to treat any fitness test like a major event/race etc. Rest/taper sufficiently, carb load the day before and the day of the test and not too much caffeine. (lots of caffeine and energy drink do not digest well together!!).

I will always treat any fitness test like a race and psyche myself up for it. I get nervous too like a race!! I never do well with work day fitness tests either. I find it hard getting my head into gear.

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