Feeling bad after Half Monty

No real question, Just a little rant :rage:

So 2 weeks ago i did the ToS, didn’t start the last 2 stages because i had 2 coffee rides on sat and sun, 60 & 100k resp.
Had a week off because i had a demanding workweek. Did some primers yesterday and half montey today (normally i would’v done the 4dp week and test today). My results were verry dissapointing. -10% on FTP and MAP. Also felt a lot weaker then a week ago.

Do you think the rest week made my legs weaker? I almost always perform better when i ride daily/every 2 days. Normally i do active recovery but didn’t have time for that this week.
I was planning on starting a new trainingshedule but now i’m thinking of starting a new 4dp week.

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Did you ride the first 5 stages of the TOS nuclear? If so, you might have still been fatigued even after a week of rest. Or it could be what you said. Or something else. The human body changes day to day. The numbers are the best you could do that day. Tomorrow they will be different.


No i rode it balanced or how it’s called (the middle on). I did have a lot of hours in Jan and feb from riding almost nothing since september. I was pretty tired going into the ToS but now i’m feeling fine. Except that my power has declined.
To be fair, in the past i always performed better on 4dp test VS half monty. I think the mental fact that i don’t know how long the ramp Will take plays a part. I’m far better knowing i have to give it al for 1-5-20’ then Just going hard and not knowing when it will end.
Think i’m going to shedule a 4dp prep week and hope i get better results next week :crossed_fingers:


Sounds good.

I’ve had bronchitis for the last two weeks and am dreading my next test! At least they’ll be no mystery.

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@Matthias_Boucherie Wait, let me see if I have this correct: you did five stages of the ToS then a 60k and 100k over the weekend, exchanged a week off the bike for work stress, and are wondering if you got “weaker”? Brother, you’re tired. Your body hasn’t recovered yet. Maybe find time for that active recovery, give yourself an extra week of tapering, and THEN think about doing a testing week.

All kidding aside, you’ve loaded a lot of fatigue in your system. Give yourself some time to fully recover.



Yea i guess you are right. I Just don’t like recovery workouts :yawning_face:.


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

Then don’t do them. You can recover without them.

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Yea but if i become a couchlandrian i’ll get a week full of donuts…

Kidding aside, you will not lose that much fitness in one week of minimal exercise to become a Couchlandrian.

I’m gonna go for the 4dp prep week. That’s a good rest/prep for next weekend. Hopefully my 4dp results Will be better then

…unless you want to. :smirk:

You may become a Couchlandrian mentally, but you still will have a high level of fitness.

People often panic over some lost sessions, when fitness, for most people, does not decline that rapidly.

This sounds like the right answer to me - good mix of low intensity and high focus - especially if you’ve always preferred FF to HM

Bummer. Hope you heal up. I’ve been dealing with Chronic Bronchitis for the last few years. The ‘solution’ is a battery of antibiotics, all of which I’ve taken in the past.

Recovery is an essential part of getting fitter and stronger. A local coach, himself not being a Sufferlandrian, but having a great deal of my respect, plans 80/20. That 20% HURTS, but the 80% makes sure your body takes full advantage of it.

@jmckenzieKOS My bronchitis is viral. It’s been a crappy several weeks. First I had a sinus infection. That led to severe laryngitis where I lost my voice completely for six days. Once diagnosed, I did a round of antibiotics. As my voice came back and my sinuses cleared, I got a cold that turned into viral bronchitis (while still taking antibiotics). That’s about when I abandoned the TOS. I needed an inhaler to control the wheezing. Finally on the mend!

Unfortunately, my wife now has bronchitis. That’s going to wreck the marathon she’s been training for over the last 3 1/2 months. The race is in less than two weeks. That’s much worse than DNFing the TOS.

We’ve gone through a dozen COVID tests between us: all negative. At least that’s good.

Eventually, we’ll both be well and will get ready for our bike trip to the Italian Piedmont in June.


I’m feeling for you. I can do a short ride and be absolutely fine. I can do that same ride the next day and it’s phlegm city. I’ve been looked at several times and the medical team can’t find a thing. It literally sucks as I can’t breathe properly when I’m going through this.

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Check out exercise induced asthma - you can get an inhaler that might help if you have that condition.

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Great suggestion. However, you have to get your medical team onboard to this being a possibility.