Half Monty-HR monitor failure messed up the results

Hi folks,

I performed my second Half Monty on the weekend, six months after the first. But… unfortunately for me, my HR monitor was playing up & severely under-recorded my HR during the test - and I didn’t pick this up until I go the message that my LTHR was 121 (it was 162 last time). It started recording properly literally 20 seconds after I finished the ramp test, so when it came to the 20 minute ‘constrained’ section, I tried to remember roughly what my HR was last time & hoped for the best. The result was that my FTP came in 70w down.
My actual performance in the ramp test was better.
Some data:
Last time I had my FTP set to ~ 235, and I got through 327w & about 35 seconds of 344. After the constrained effort, I got the result that my FTP was 261 (MAP of 316).

This time I got through 351 & quit as soon as it went up to 369, but after the constrained effort, I got the result that my ftp is 195 (MAP of 330).

So…have I stuffed it up & need to repeat the test? Or is there a way to get an FTP estimation based on the above + power curve data?

Thanks all.

You’ve made some nice progress with MAP. I’d definitely run it again to get a more accurate FTP if I were you.

I had a similar situation one HM I did: either the monitor was incorrect, or my body was in a irregular space that day. Where my LTHR was 156 before, it now wanted to have me run the sustained effort at 171. That was a disaster. I used the MAP that came out of that test, but kept my FTP at the old level. Differences weren’t that great in my case.

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@TrapMeSuf @The_Nick +1 for doing it again. Half Monty is fairly easy to repeat so that is probably the safe route.


Thanks… might wait a week & give it another go.

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