Half Monty ramp targets?

Is the goal of the targets it hit AND HOLD the power target for the entire minute? Or, if I simply hit the target but fall back slightly,have I achieved the target?

No, you need to hold the target in each step as long as you’re able.


…and as soon as you’re unable: STOP. The ramp test is now over.

I don’t really understand the “fall back slightly” comment. Are you doing it on s dumb trainer? On a smart trainer, the ramp portion of Half Monty is meant to be done in ERG mode. So while your cadence could slow (which would result in a modest, temporary reduction in power until it stabilized), ERG doesn’t have a fall-back-slightly feature. When you can’t stabilize your cadence quickly, that means you’re done with the ramp.

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Your answers make perfect sense. Thanks.

Read the instructions for doing the HM here: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404067414418-The-Half-Monty-fitness-assessment-Everything-you-need-to-know