Targets prior to half-MOnty?

I have not done the half-MOnty before; always 4DP and before that, the Rubber Glove. Does the half-Monty use my last results to set targets? I am guessing I am down 10% since my last test; maybe a bit more actually. If I have done a workout recently I went to 90% (all settings) and they have been quite tough. Would I have to manually change this in the profile or just use the arrow keys like normal? Any thoughts? Or, should it not matter since it is a ramp?

I’d just leave as is prior to Half Monty, if ‘only’ 10%. Whatever your MAP is set as will inform the starting point and size of steps on the ramp section, but as there’s no pacing to worry about just keep turning the cranks until you can’t.

Then the sub-maximal section is heart rate controlled and informed by what happens during the ramp, so no worries about previous results skewing what happens for that section.

Alternatively you could change your MAP number in your profile prior to the test, and adjust it down 10% if you think thats a better reflection of where you are.

The ramp test starts out pretty easy (~50% of previous MAP), and you only need to get 5 minutes in to get a MAP result, so you should be fine to use old MAP numbers as the starting point for Half Monty. The starting point you use will just affect how many ramp steps you get to do, not the final result.

I’d leave your settings where they are for Half Monty and let your results be what they may. It would be unlikely that you don’t make it to the point in the ramp necessary to calculate your new MAP. Then your FTP will be estimated and then confirmed with the 20-minute constrained effort. If in actuality, you don’t make it to where you need to, then I’d recommend doing a Full Frontal test instead to get a more accurate assessment of your current fitness.

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Thank you!