4DP Power Profile after Half Monty not updated?

Hello all,

I did a full frontal test months ago and trained for a while.
Then I got injured and was off my bike for 3 months…
Anyhow, now I did a Half Monty to test how much I lost.
Now, when I check my workout settings I still see the old (and now too high) values from my old 4DP test. Should this update automatically or do I need to manually change my FTP to the adjusted value?


Hey @udo ,
It should automatically update. Try closing the app then reopening. If that doesn’t work , try logging out then logging back in. If it still doesn’t work we’ll contact the minions. Let me know.


Doing a Half Monty doesn’t update your a full frontal graph but should update your power figures in settings.


Hi Spencer,
it did now update the workput settings on my ipad for ftp and map, but not on my MacBook.
in the MacBook app it still shows the old values under workout settings.
I guess I can just manually adjust the ftp, map and lthr values myself? Or would that cause any problems?

Hey @udo, have you started a new workout and checked the values? The passport should show the latest FF values and your activities will show your HM.
There should be a note under your latest HM activity saying your FTP and MAP values have been updated and these will be taken into account going forward.

I have the same issue. Completed 5 workouts since half monty but the FTP still shows the old value. Tried logging out and closing/reopening apps.

@Ssehgal ,
You can submit a support request ticket to the minions here: