Half Monty in ERG mode?

Hi there,

I’m scheduled to do the Half Monty in about a week’s time and I wonder if I have to do iton ERG or level mode?

I think it’s an ERG-type of workout but want to be sure because the FF is on level mode so I wonder how the results can be comparable.

Thanks a bunch!

Start in ERG mode and stay in ERG until you can go no further up the ramp. You then switch to level mode for the heart rate constrained section. There are instructions all the way along in the video.

This should help:



As @Alistair_Brown says, but just start off in ERG mode and the video will explain everything as you go.

Enjoy :smiley:

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ERG To start, stay seated and keep those legs pedalling until you can’t go anymore… happy suffering!
And in part 2 it is a nice steady one. Remember it is a novid so have a good playlist to hand to keep you motivated :slight_smile: