Half Monty2: Electric Boogaloo

Has anybody come across this?

I found it by choosing the “Climb Trial” plan under Cycling/Event Prep/Online.
Looking on the schedule I found:


Clicking on it the workout, I see:

I cannot find it on the Fitness Test Channel. Is this the long promised revised, shorter constrained effort, Half Monty?


It was rolled back and is being revised as far as I’m aware.


Hey, sorry this training plan was for one of our recent sports science studies and has now been switched off (oversight on our side) but yes we are working on a variation of Half Monty but not quite there with our algorithms yet.


Is there a chance the new half monty might have music? And video??

Given how sufferfest started as a way to avoid turbo trainer boredom syndrome I often find the lack of entertainment on HM a little perplexing.

I know we can use our own sound track but a well timed track change dropping into some killer beats just as the real work has to be done would be awesome.

A Mike Coty steady effort hill climb would suit the constrained HR section perfectly too.


+1 :pray: :pray: :pray:


It will great il you could add some music to HM. I always hated bike testing (and been tested in general). Alex

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