Half Monty video when?

Can’t believe there is still no video for Half Monty, I just checked and its the 3rd workout in the 14day trial plan, I’d have probably quit facing that as a new subscriber.

How about we suggest some ideas for the video on this topic?

Ramp Test
1 min sections of famous climbs/sectors, from famous races with huge crowds cheering you on, getting steeper and steeper as you go up the ramp starting. So many greats to choose from, Arenberg, Poggio, Strade Bianche final climb into Siena, Kapelmuur, La redoute, Angliru, Alpe d’Huez, Mur de Huy, Zoncolan ?
20 min constrained effort
Some beautiful alpine scenery to pass the time, prerhaps with some Mike Cotty commentary?


That’s such a good idea.

I’m not sure about the commentary on the 20min effort - I need the concentration to keep the effort at the right level. I think I’d prefer music that lines up with 90-95rpm cadence.


I’d be happy with Sirs Neal, Mac, or David SCREAMING at me to keep going on the last couple ramps, then, when I just can’t turn the pedals and have to bail, they tell me how SUFFING awesome that was. Just before the calculation shows on screen they can work it all out on a chalk board with some funky formulas that could have nothing at all to do with cycling. Frankly, I am hoping that Sir @Francois-Wahoo is working on a vid for this already :pray:.


For those of us in the Uk the calculation could be done by the little girl and clown from the BBC Test Card, X = Lactate Threshold O = Watts Per KG, Answer = Suffer More image
Now if that picture doesn’t want you to pedal quicker then I don’t know what would :clown_face::clown_face: :rofl::rofl:

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I would, of course, love a proper The Sufferfest video for Half Monty. But then I’d also want it to be “dynamic”, like the story text. So when I quit on the ramp I see an explosion/crack/atomic meltdown… and then puppies/kittens/baby Fluffies (you get the picture) rather than the on screen rider continuing to beat their (and my) ass to a driving beat while I desperately try to recover from being crushed. I’m sure such a feature is on the product wishlist (technically possible but harder than half easy) but suspect it’d be a fair bit further down than many other things. Until then my video/audio of choice for my Half Monty sessions is… the old Rubber Glove video. Well, a slightly edited version of it anyway. No puppies but has an appropriately timed Siri making omelette.


HM video? Yes please!

Would love a typical sufferfest sound track that raises the ante as you go up the ramp.

Footage of riders in a sea of fans heading up a steep climb would be perfect.

Then some chilled out stuff for the 20min effort.

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