Is there a new Half Monty test coming?

According to this video How Much Has Manon's Fitness Improved? | Inside The Wahoo Sports Science Center - YouTube, which shows Manson from GCN at the Wahoo sports centre, from August 2022, there is supposed to have a Half Mont test that is more precise and has a shorter constrain effort. I just took the test today and still did 20min constraint effort. Wondering when is the new test becoming available? I’m based in Australia, maybe it has been released but not to my region?


Not sure why this hasn’t been released but am sure there will be a good sports science reason.

Worth also pointing out, they never release training software updates to only certain regions. It’s always been 100% global. So don’t worry, you are not missing out :+1:


There were issues with version two snd it was pulled back. It may be released sometime in the distant future.