Has anyone used a TOS to prepare for a KOS?

Thinking about making an assault towards a Knighthood. Wondering if anyone has used a TOS, to catapult them into the castle? And a question for our esteemed coaches…
What the would be the proper timing after TOS, to utilize that new found fitness?

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I did a KoS as the last day of last year’s Tour.
I managed it.
I can’t recommend it.

(This year’s doesn’t really support it either, last year’s final day was both Defender and Attacker, which are both KoS viable rides)


JEEBUS! :flushed:

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Yes. Many, many Knights have use the fitness bump associated with the TOS to plan their assault.

My 2 cents. Take the week to recover then do a FF Prep week but instead of FF do your Knighthood.

Me and 2 locals did ours on Feb 18th, 2018. One week post ToS2018.


Hey @TriSean, you can probably keep this thread going with questions about the Knighthood rather than start a new one each time you have a question (I see you posted a new thread asking about percentages).

You’ll find most do from 70-80%. The only requirement is that you suffer, and you will. It’s a long day and with only 10 minutes allowed between vids, its a hard day too. Treat it like an endurance event in that you don’t want to go out so hot that you blow up and are forced to DNF.

There is a YAK ton of info on Knighthood quests if you search the forums here (Challenges and Achievements - SYSTM Forum) , or, if you’re on FB there’s a Knighthood Quest planning page that also has tons of great advice, questions, etc as well as loads of experienced Knights always happy to help others make their way to the castle.


Admin here for the Knighthood page: Please, please, please (if it sounds like I’m begging I am) answer the question. There are way too many folks to remember.
As to the percentage question: Do what you think will make you Suffer the most AND allow you to complete your quest. It’s really sad to see someone go out “hot” only to make it to ride seven or eight and have to abandon. Also, what is REALLY key is nutrition and hydration. You want to get them dialed in tight. TOS is a great introduction, but you have to be spot on during your quest.