Help me understand how to do Split Bricks

I posted a month ago on what running segments to pair with a Split Brick session. Since the running and cycling Split Brick workouts don’t seem to match up, I did my first Split Brick cycling workout with my own running session.

Now I would like to do some of the Systm running sessions as part of the Split Brick cycling. But how to do that? If I start a Split Brick cycling workout, there is a short pause in the action for you to do the run. When I saw how short that was, just a few minutes, I simply stopped the cycling video, did my first run, and then restarted the cycling video. That’s fine if I want to do whatever I want outside the Systm platform.

But what if I want to do a specific Systm running workout in that spot. I don’t see how I can run two instances of Systm simultaneously. To pause the cycling workout, jump over to a running workout, then resume the cycling.

How can I use Systm for both the running and cycling parts of a Split Brick together?

@Critmark I have never done it but when I read the workout I was under the impression that you need the treadmill and bike next to each other. Right now the workout player doesn’t record the run so you will want to record that separately to get data such as distance, pace, etc. and then consolidate the records into something like Training Peaks. I know that there are plans to retool the workout player so that sensors work with running, strength and yoga but I don’t know what the timing is at this point.

Hope that helps!

@JSampson I do have the bike and treadmill next to each other but that is not my question. I apologize if I was not clear in my question.

I did one of the Split Brick rides last week. I learned that the break in the video is just a few minutes, not long enough to actually do the run. When I saw the cycling video was going to start again, I just paused it, finished my run, and then resumed my ride.

That was fine since I did my own run workout and recorded it on my Garmin watch. No problem.

The issue I am trying to resolve is, I want to do a Systm run workout as the run in between the two rides. I can’t stop the cycling workout, open the run workout, complete that, then go back and pick up the cycling workout from where I left off.

Is my only option to do the Systm run workout outside of Systm, record it on my Garmin, then after I finish the ride, load the run workout and mark it as completed? That raises two questions:

  1. Why have the run workouts at all in Systm and
  2. Why have the narrative in the Split Brick cycling workout to use the Systm run workouts as the companion to the cycling?

@Critmark Agreed - that doesn’t make sense as you wouldn’t be able to open another video without ending the current one.

In my prior response I was actually thinking of Chrysalis - a run/bike video that included both workouts within the same video. They removed it from the platform for some reason.

Sufferfest Chrysalis

I actually did Chrysalis two weeks ago. I didn’t see that it was removed. It was doing that which inspired me to do some split bricks.

As @JSampson mentioned, it isn’t possible to “play” a run workout in the app yet, so your only option at the moment is to pause the cycling section, record the run separately (on your watch, for example), and then come back to the bike.

The run workouts state “write this down” because they can’t be done in SYSTM.

Maybe the app will develop to the point where we can achieve what you want but, for now, this is the way.

I assume the brick workouts are separate cycle/run for easier handling within SYSTM.

Actually there are a small handful of run workouts that can be done in Systm. I counted 11.

They say they will capture HR and RPE (I assume extrapolated from HR). Not really much of a difference than capturing nothing at all.

Ok, didn’t notice that. Were any of them the Split Run workouts?