Help me understand the Split Brick workouts

In looking at the Split Brick workouts, I am unclear about the run sections, specifically duration and effort. By way of example, I am looking at Split Brick Endurance 90/60. Skipping past the warm up, here are the instructions:

Main Effort
Number of sets: 2
Rest Between Sets: Running Sessions
Set 1: 90 minutes …
Set 2: 60 minutes…
Recovery: NA

Cool Down
N/A - Straight into Run 2

What is unclear is the duration and effort on the runs sections. On the profile image there is a gap shown between the two rides.

  1. Is whatever length that is the prescribed length?
  2. Is the end run the same length?
  3. Is it intended that the runs be short, more as a practice of T2 and transitioning the legs?
  4. And no indication of effort on the runs.

Any help here?

Thanks and Happy New Year.

You need to find the running description in the Split Brick running workouts in the Running section of SYSTM.

@titanicus that makes sense…except. The workout I referenced above is Split Brick Endurance 90/60. It does not appear in the Running workouts. In fact, of the 8 Split Bick Cycling workouts, only 1 has the same named Running Workout. That being Split Brick Endurance 45/30.

Also, if you look at the running workout instructions, the times again refer to the running portion only and only mention the cycling portions in passing, just as the cycling workouts reference the running.

I don’t think this is the answer. Maybe one of the Wahoo coaches can weigh in given the cycling Split Brick workouts are part of the Wahoo Channel.

Maybe but the screenshot I posted, as an example, literally states to pair the running workout with a cycling workout. Similarly, the cycling brick states to pair it with a running workout.

I can’t comment on the exact times of each but from a previous triathlon plan I followed, one of the double brick sessions were 90 bike, 45 run, 60 bike, 30 run.

Are you following a plan?

I understand the narrative, and accept your point. I guess my question is, what running distances and cycling distances do you pair together? To me, it doesn’t make sense to pair the same cycling and running workouts of identical duration together.

Not following a SYSTM plan right now as I don’t have a tri scheduled. Still waiting to see what events might actually happen.

Currently preparing for an imperial century in March.

The answer to this probably lies within the context of a plan. Here’s a screenshot for a plan I just made up for a standard distance tri:

Outside the context of a plan or a targeted race, you can do whatever distances and times you want.

That’s kinda where I landed. I want to add in some running in anticipation of adding some tri events in at some time.

One comment on your pairing. Isn’t the bike a bit of overkill for such a short tri? Do you have a longer event behind that?

I just made that plan up as an example. It is from the standard distance plan. I imagine it’s just adding some extra so you’re not exhausted after the 40km bike.

That’s probably a question for the coaches.

I guess every coach has their own favored approach. As I was training for a half and full, the minimum I would be doing weekly was the distance for each part of the race event. So for a half, I would run (my weakest event of the three) at least 13.1 miles. Often more, but that was a minimum.

Translating that to the standard tri, the bike ride is only 24.8 miles. I would do that in under the 90 minutes first ride of the workout you illustrated, then run, then ride again, then run again. I have no issue with the workout, just how that translates to a standard tri. When I was first in the sport, I would have struggled with that for my first step up from a sprint. Today, no issue at all. As you said, context is everything.