How about a Legends Series?

Hey Minions, GvA, @David.McQuillen.KoS, et al, hear me out - while in a delusional fog somewhere in AVDP during ToS I had an idea for content I for one would LOVE.

What about creating a Legends series? Not like an inspiration thing like Poulidor, but actual SUF sessions built around old footage of the greats: Merckx, Anquetil, Hinault, Coppi, Lemond, Kelly, etc.? Maybe even some of the debatable ones? (I’m sorry, I will always miss Marco Pantani).

We already have videos with some of the female legends, but heck - you could do Connie Carpenter-Phinney (maybe an Omnium spin-off?), Inga Thompson, Beryl Burton, etc. (that would be some footage!).

Etc., etc., you get the idea. Or you could do the same with the great tours and/or classic one-days - combine old footage to make epic TdF, GdI, la Vuelta, Roubaix…

A Legends catalogue would be epic. There’s plenty of archival footage out there to run together SUF-length efforts, and it’d be a great way to introduce younger generations to the greats that they’ve only likely heard of (if that). Heck @michael.cotty throws up enough ancient TdF footage to make a feature film! :smirk:

Anyway, just a thought.


Love this idea! :+1::+1:


Great idea! I would love this series, too! And yes, climbing with Pantani would be awesome. And as much as I hate the effort, a TT with Indurain would be amazing. :slight_smile:



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Even just on a SUF screen there’s no way I’m keeping up with Pantani.


Exactly! Think of the GLORIOUS Suffering!! [evil laugh]


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Another vote in the affirmative. Love the idea. :+1: :+1:


With you there on that sentiment.