Strength training

Hi… It seems to be all questions from me at the moment, so thanks for your patience.

I have added level 2 strength training to my 12 week plan. It seems to rush through very quickly giving me no time to get many reps in before moving on to the next exercise? Normally and surely you need to do or to be given more time to do sufficient reps of each exercise to make any difference over time? Is this how Wahoo want you do do these exercises or are you supposed to pause on each one to allow time to do a reasonable amount of reps … thanks

Had the same issue when I started my plan with Strength.

Just stick with it and after a few sessions they’re not new anymore and you’ll be able to do the full workout as intended.

I’m doing level 4 (I think) and after about three or four weeks there’s hardly any new moves.


:ok_hand: thanks…

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If you are NEW to Wahoo Strength, please use Level 1 until you have all the moves down pat. Yes, they are only 15 seconds long but you can and should rewind and do any exercise you are not familiar with and comfortable completing without any issues and in PERFECT form. You will find this very helpful when you go to do higher levels, even level 2.


+1 for patience. I am now on level 5 and am happy that I took the time to do the earlier videos at the correct pace.