How can SYSTM optimise the K-Climb experience?

Why? Cos I reckon the best experience of using K-Climb should be found when using Wahoo’s App (all in the family).

About a month back I added KickR climb to the pain cave (hooked up to KickR V5) …

It’s a nice to have for sure, BUT I’m surprised not to see greater integration. Yep you can feel (and hear) the K-Climb moving up n down broadly in line with the number changes top right, but the shifts are pretty crude (abrupt in <1sec) and that’s your lot - no clues of any integration or extra visuals on screen.

So I’ve some ideas how SYSTM might improve the integration with K-Climb in order to optimise the Climb experience using SYSTM over other apps. Chip in if you have some too(?)

Here’s three for the pot …

  1. Visual cues. On my iMac at least the Gradient % is fixed top right position in the black RHS border. There nothing else in the vertical south of that until the residual timings at the foot of the border.

I’d be keen on the 0% appearing mid screen and its position moving north or south in line with how the gradient changes (using the entire border) maybe with a visual blinking arrow to augment during change.

When you become familiar with positioning I think you’d see this with peripheral vision - and that would help your focus stay on the video. The more my eyes do that the more immersive I find the experience.

  1. Graduated changes - more like mimicking gradual slope changes. Not just binary rise and falls in <1sec.

  2. Cobble shudder - (guess this might not be mechanically achievable but hey) quick rise and falls creating a ‘shuddering effect’ on the front forks mimicking the cobbles.


I’d do without the cobble shudder :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: I really really don’t want that. I understand the attraction though and the Tacx Neo is a popular trainer for that very reason.

I agree that more should be done with the Climb though given it’s a Wahoo product after all. Maybe a separate setting for folks that have the Climb enabled to show gradient changes like u suggest. I’d like to see it added to the list of optional settings like RPE, Speed, Distance etc.

I also think that EVERY video should have gradient encoded if there is a gradient on screen though I don’t want the vids to encode descending as much since most of the time the descents are a time in the vid to relax and sit up rather than get in the drops and get low.

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Or go head over your bars at an unexpected negative grade drop. :grimacing:


I did that once when the internal belt snapped. Fun times. Fuuuun tiiiiiimes.

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I did the same when my chain snapped. Except it was on the road and I landed on my back on a metal barrier, coming away with 5 broken ribs and a bruised lung. How I’d wished for it to have been a trainer accident!

All good now though :muscle:



Holy mother of GvA!! I came away uninjured and only slightly annoyed. Wahoo was awesome, as usual, with a PDQ replacement.

Glad you survived to tell the tale!

Nice. Similar to your wahoo experience, Canyon sorted me out a new fork at lightning speed (the barrier also ****ed the fork). Mended quicker than the back!

I’m fine now. Back to pre-accident power (It was end of April).


@Glen.Coutts yikes! i have on occasion noted the cinder block wall in front of my face in the pain cave.

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gads! :grimacing:

You all have made me wonder if I should be adjusting the position of my pain cave: it aims directly at the sharp corner of a bureau. It sounds like right about at the front wheel should be the border to couchlandria marked by a pile of pillows.

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Assuming you haven’t heard the legend of Dame Karen Noel on rollers? Short story, she destroyed…(a bookcase).

I had not. Clearly, bad things happen when the rides get so real that you leave Sufferlandria and enter the real world.