SYSTM Training Plans

Hi. Loving the new SYSTM app and looking forward to programming my training this winter. Quick Question. Which training plans have the new workout content?

fwiw: I read that all the new content supports Kickr Climb and I am very interested in adding more workouts that support that device.

I think all the plans will include some of the new content. I’ve not seen any include the Pro Rides though, but that might be due to my 4DP profile or plans I’ve looked at.

In addition to the new content, many of the Sufferfest channel workouts support the climb. Most plans should have a generous selection of climb compatible workouts. See the bottom of the linked article for the list of workouts.

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More current than above

Hey Nathan,

I believe that the plans are currently being updated to bring more of the new content into them. Additionally, we can do customised plans where we incorporate any specific sessions that you would like to include as part of your plan, and make sure that they fit in with the bigger picture and help work towards you goals.