How do you know if you are pushing too hard?

Over the past month or so I was feeling the workouts were too easy. So in the time leading up to my HM retest I was either riding in ERG mode and increasing the intensity or going in Level mode above target. In the past two days I have been set at my new numbers. FTP & MAP up 12% and 10% respectively.

On Tues I did Revolver straight up in ERG but felt I had more to give. So I did a 10 minute sprint on RGT. Yesterday I did the first of the new Pro Rides, Santos Festival of Cycling 1, and my IF was .78 (.73 by design) and TSS 104 (92 by design).

Other than rides that are intended to be easier, can you overdo rides like these? My legs feel good and I am not seeing any ill effects. Should I continue to go as I am or should I stick to the rides intended intensity?

That depends. What is your goal? Are you just curious to see how long you can keep it up for before you burn up in spectacular burst of glorious suffering or are you in a training plan?

If it’s the first one then Go Go Go!!!

If it’s the second one, most plans have a midpoint Half Monty where you can do a mid-plan assessment to see where you’re at. If this is the case, I’d try to stick to the plan.

I suspect that if you’re doing these new Pro Rides you’re not in a plan at the moment so I don’t personally see any harm in continuing to push yourself and perhaps find a new limit.

I’m lucky in that for me and my rider type (Sprinter) HM is bang on accurate in predicting my FTP and MAP so I can pretty much do that at any time as a point in time check-in kind of assessment should things start to feel too easy or too hard.

Some riders and rider types get HM either overstating or understating their MAP/FTP so it’s possible you’re one of those types too and your results have been underestimated.

Edit: you may need to do FF :slight_smile:


@Glen.Coutts not on a plan. Just thought I would bang out these ProRides. I think I will continue to push since it is just 4 vids, them recover.

Thanks as always Glen.

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As always, happy to help others suffer Sir!

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Hey @Critmark ,
If you can raise your MAP efforts by 10% on Revolver, definitely time to test.


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@Coach.Spencer.R I just did a Half Monty last week which increased my FTP & MAP. I was planning to do FF on Sunday but got tied up on a work project and was off the bike for four days. Will doing FF be so different than the HM I just did to change my question?

@Critmark ,

My answer is, it depends. I would definitely advise you to do the FF and see if you were just having a bad day on the HM

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OK, I will get it back on the calendar. Thanks.

Let us know how it goes. Crush it!