How does the app decide recommended workouts?

for strengths/weaknesses?

I’ve done 4DP 3 times, the first i got attacker, the second two, climber. Each time I got vo2max weakness.

The first time, it said to hit up AVDP, 9H and Blender to improve weaknesses, the next two times–even though Vo2max was still the weakness; even though it improved vs. FTP from about 1.19 to 1.22 it had not improved enough–the workouts to address the weakness were Omnium, Revolver, The Bat, Team Scream.

So what gives with the different workout recommendations for the same weakness? FWIW it listed Revolver to address weakness but i don’t find Revolver all that hard. AVDP and 9H, on the other hand . . .

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I have noticed similar things.

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I believe it’s just a selection from the workouts that have a rating of 5 for your given weakness.

right, but is it a random selection? If so, why the same set twice in a row? And if not random, then what else is driving it?

It’s not an issue, i’m just very curious.

Have to admit I did always think it was random…

I guess when you actually filter for 5 rated for a given metric there’s not that many, so possible to get the same twice. But yeah, maybe there is a secondary filter like duration etc.

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Don’t know for sure but I think it’s based on a combo of rider type and weakness. An Attacker with Vo2max weakness would likely be good for shorter MAP efforts (e.g. Revolver), as the strong Attacker AC can be called upon, but suffer more for the longer MAP ones (e.g. AVDP) so you’d get longer interval MAP efforts to work the aerobic weakness. A Climber with Vo2max weakness would get a more mixed set of MAP based stuff to work on, both shorter and longer intervals. That’s my thinking anyway.


It seems that none of the specific workouts that are listed for your weaknesses ever make it regularly into your plan.

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yeah i’m just curious. I mostly don’t use suff plans but i use the workouts a lot and i like the workout rating system, it’s good info. i expect @JamesT is right, hence why i got the same workout selection twice as a Climber, but different selection as Attacker.

Also probably this is confounded by Climber being somewhat of a weird focus. Like, what is it saying other than that you don’t weigh a lot? You could not weigh a lot but be good at repeated efforts, you could not weigh a lot and be good at sustained efforts, you could both, and those parameters, to me, seem to have more to do with strengths and weaknesses from a energy system perspective vs. what you weigh.

Like this says that Revolver now is a good way to target weaknesses but i have pretty decent a/c and can almost nose-breathe through the first half of it. That’s an exaggeration but not that much. Other MAPs are much harder for me but these aren’t listed as targeting my weaknesses now, probably because “Climber” as james says. On the other hand, Team Scream is spot on . . .

I really haven’t paid any attention to those since the first FF or two in my first SUF year. I pick a plan based on my goals and let SUF science set the targets to improve strengths and weaknesses. I’m guessing the suggested workouts are more for someone not following a plan? Or just a nice to know? :man_shrugging:

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it’s partially just because i like to know :slight_smile:

I trust plans but i find it much easier to trust the plan when i know more about how it works, haha. Back when i used to do organized sports i’m sure i was a coach’s worst nightmare with all my questions


That also likely depends on the plan you select. Some plans need specific workouts in them, so there may less room for changing the workouts to ones that target your weakness in some of the more specific plans.

Logically that makes sense. Since we have no insight into how the workouts are chosen for the plans, however, we cannot know if that hypothesis is true.

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