How to attack my first ToS

Calling all ToS veterans, I could use your expert guidance. Since this is my first ToS I am trying to figure out which option to choose. I did as has been suggested and loaded the two non-nuclear options and have been reviewing. But I am also thinking I may want to try the nuclear option.

To that end, I included the following week I completed in a post from last Dec, right after my new numbers from the tests. Based on this, am I crazy to think I can finish my first ToS nuclear? I know these are not the same rides as the ToS and I took a day off, but based on this, any input on how I should attack the ToS effort?

Also, just as a data point, I am not doing the ToS training plan since I had other objectives planned. But I did copy the final week before the start in the hopes I would be somewhat rested.

Any advice?

Monday Dec 6:
• GNC Torque Monster in ERG
• Big Gear Varying Cadence 3x10 in Level 1 above power targets

Tuesday Dec 7:
• Proride London 1 in ERG
• Provence: Dentelles de Montmirail in Level 1 above power targets

Wednesday Dec 8:
• GCN Power Torque Intervals in ERG
• Tugende in Level 1 above power targets

Thursday Dec 9:
• MAP: 2 Sets 3x2 in ERG
• Raymond Poulidor in Level 1 above power targets

Friday Dec 10: Off Day

Saturday Dec 11:
• GCN Equalizer in ERG
• Provence: Gorges de la Nesque in Level 1 above power targets

Sunday Dec 12:
• GCN VO2 Max Intervals in ERG
• French Pyrenees: Circue de Gavarnie in Level 1 – couldn’t hold power.
o I made it through the first half fine, above power. Then came the 7-minute threshold which I just couldn’t hold. Made it at threshold for about 5 of the 7 minutes.
o Then the 9 over-unders. Did fine on the first 3 overs, had to just spin through 4, did 5, spin through 6, did 7, spin through 8, and did 9.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, based on what you did in December that you will be able to do most of the Tour “nuclear”. That said, after what will be accumulated fatigue over 6 days, with Stage 7 being an absolute monster, my guess is that you’ll be fading during Blender (I know I’ll be fading here at whatever % I end up attacking the ToS :stuck_out_tongue: ), if not before. I also 100% support your effort to try! #itwillallbefine #tuhntf

I also moved your post to the Tour of Sufferlandria topic and am tagging Sirs @Coach.Mac.C and @Coach.Neal.H for possible input from… SCIENCE!


You can start out at 100% and then see how it goes. There is no Sufferlandrian law that says you have to finish at 100%.

If you do it nuclear, you will be fatigued for weeks. How does that figure in your future plans?


@Heretic I understand that but I think my question is more elementary than that. Using a skiing metaphor in honor of the winter Olympics; Am I over my skis here to even think it is possible for me to do?

I’ve only ever done the Tour nuclear, since my first one in 2016, possibly earlier. But I remember one year they had Revolver x 2 a single stage.

And the prevailing wisdom was it could not be done at 100%. I was taking part in a ranked league competition known as the Global Suffering League (GSL) where the knights compete for the title of greatest sufferer. I backed off to 95% to conserve myself to be able to finish both (still nuclear as it was the best I could do). Then a bunch of other knights did the stage not just at 100% but above it! And that was with a fresh FTP. (Before they introduced 4DP).

Revolver at the time had an IF of 1.07, so two in a row at 100% was extraordinary. But as those other knights proved, you’ll never know what you are truly capable of without the attempt. You may just surprise yourself and beat your expectations. And even if it proves unattainable, you’ll know you’ve left nothing in reserve.

Nuclear is RPE of 100, not necessarily 100%, just giving every stage the best effort you are capable of.


The only one who can answer that question is you.


I started my 1st tour focussed. The first stage was so easy I adjusted up to 100% for the rest of the tour. Since then I have always started nuclear, do not forget you can always dial down as needed .Take recovery very seriously and treat each day as stand alone rides and things seem more doable.See how far you get, hopefully all the way to the end before going bang.


@alchurch I think this is the conclusion I am going with. Go big or go home. I will push through and see if I can make it all the way through.


I’ve only done one tour which was last year. I was just coming off knee tendonitis, so I did it focused. But, essentially, I started off each workout at 100% and then dialed back when I felt I needed to. Like after 5 hammers.


Even if you do not finish at 100% you will have accomplished something.


At least in stage 7 you can see the end, you just have to see this bit out and it is job done. If that was the first stage then I would likely not even want to look at the bike on stage 2

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you can be sure after the 2 hour Pro Ride, I will NOT want to look at my bike on Stage 2 :face_vomiting:


@Glen.Coutts I actually didn’t find Giro d’Italia Donne 1 to be as difficult as some of the other ProRides. I look forward to repeating it.


Then perhaps you should do it twice on Stage 1 then Sir :slight_smile: