How to auto update 4DP


I have previously manually adjusted my ftp and LHR to match my garmin.

I have just done the half monty, but the 4DP profile has not been updated.

How do you overwrite the manual values and allow systm to auto populate again?


You can only change the ‘outcome’ of a 4dp by doing another.

You can go into your profile, then change via the Athlete Profile tab at the top, and set each of the numbers you want the app to base your workouts on individually through that page though.

You should find that the values for MAP& FTP have been set to your HM results.

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Hi BeatsMe.

I don’t want to alter the outcome. I want the app to input the results from the test I did. I assumed it would update FTP, LTH etc automatically after doing the test. But it has retained the manual numbers I inputted last month.

Ok, in that case, that’s not right. Contact the minions and get it checked out. If you want to dig a little deeper, I’d suggest going to the website and logging in there to check the values held online as that will be what’s in the main DB.
If they are correct, then it’s your device app that hasn’t updated…

A couple of app restarts looks to have refreshed it. Al showing correct now.

Cheers for your help :+1:

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