How to create a plan with active 3-4 days

Hello there!
I’m new here and I want to create a training plan.
I tried several options and saw that I received 5-6 activities a week.
Unfortunately, I have only 3-4 days a week for cycling and these plans don’t fit in my calendar.
I didn’t find options for active days - so I understood it is impossible to edit these values.
Also, I didn’t find any pre-created plans (sufferfest, CGN). So as I see I can only manually create my own plan from bricks-workouts? But I think I have such knowledge to do it well.
About me - my FTP is 240 and want to improve it.
Maybe you can give me advice about this situation.

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Hi @OrangeHog and welcome, you can set up plans for MAP or FTP, if the days don’t suit you can just reschedule workouts to whatever days work. There’s no drag and drop at minute. If I can’t do a workout one day I just move it to another, it’s no big deal. I’m currently on a 4 Week MAP Plan with 4 days of workouts a week but when you go to make a plan the training starts the following day but like I said you can easily move it to another day if it doesn’t suit.

Try a few of these go into Plans-Cycling-General Fitness-Building Blocks, This will give you 6 options if your looking to raise FTP then MAP or Threshold would be your best option, that will give another 3 options, 2-4 hours a week training, 4-6 or 6-8.that gives another 2 options, 3 hard weeks and 1 recovery week or 2 Hard weeks and 1 recovery week, you choose what suits you. It then asks if you want to add yoga to your training and mental training as well… it will then give you a start and finish date with your first proper cycling workout the day after the start date but again you can reschedule any workout to the day you want and with the Building Block Plans only being 4 weeks you can work on what you need then after that block is finished you can see what to do next. I hope this helps but you will probably get more replies from people who know more about training plans than me. I’d also suggest you do a Full Frontal 4DP test unless you already have to see where you are at the minute.

Thank you!
Yes, at first, I will try from 4DP test (I found there exists 1-week preparation for this).
It will give me time to learn what these words (MAP, NP, etc) mean. =)
Anyway, such an option with training days would be useful, I think

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Hey @OrangeHog,

Thanks for getting in touch about the plans and sorry you cannot find what you need! Are you training towards anything specific?

In the Plan stepper we have a few plans with the lower volume if you look under cycling–> General Fitness:

  • All Purpose Low Volume
  • Building blocks - Low Volume

Alternatively if you want to discuss your training in more detail with a coach or go for a customized plan, the team would love to help