"How to get the most out of your workout"

Is there a reason why this Sufferfest document has still not been updated? It was at https://thesufferfest.com/blogs/training-resources/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-workout The Sufferfest https…


Yeh. Sadly, The Sufferfest.com domain has been buried in the wayback machine mostly and many if not most of the things previously available there are now either dead links or redirects to something that may or may not be related to the original content on The Company site.

Most of the minions who were originally with The Sufferfest during The Acquisition were terminated during a couple rounds of downsizing over the past year and a bit.

I don’t see that particular document ever being updated now quite frankly as the sheer volume of workouts available in the library would make the task unwieldy.

That said, the general advice here likely holds for pretty much all the workouts you do come across in SYSTM


Many thanks for that. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read “Don’t Skip Your Workout …”. Equally as good.

Please. Don’t be ashamed. There is sooooo much great information on The Company site, it’s just really poorly organized. Have you scoped out The Knowledge Podcasts. MAN, there is some FANTASTIC stuff on there!