How to import csv file to intervalls

good evening,

so i downloaded my activities from systm,
and I get a csv file,
as soon as I click on it , it opens in the browser and I cant see anything,
on my phone I shows me my workouts,
so than I send it to my mac via airdrop and than I can open it via numbers.
so far so good. but I cant import to intervalls.
my questions:
is it possible to get all my workouts as a fit file?
what is the easiest way to import it to intervalls?
am I missing something?

kindly daniel

If you’re talking about there is a spot under settings on there, to download old activities from Wahoo. You can set the date parameters.


i noticed , but it wants to import 600 activities, but i only did 200
also it says that it downloaded the data, but since 2 hours nothing happend

but what is this csv file for?
tp says also no data

The CSV is basically a spreadsheet. You can manipulate it lots of different ways to review your data but I’m pretty sure you can’t upload it to the other apps as it won’t be in the format they need to create individual activities.

It would import all of your activities, including yoga, strength, etc, basically anything done within SYSTM, so not just rides

so is there a way that wahoo can provide me all of my workouts in one fit file?
kindly daniel

I don’t think so. I might be wrong but I don’t think that’s how fit files work.
Edit: you could try to convert the file

.FIT files are one per activity. If you have 200 activities you have 200 .FIT files.

good morning, that was the question, is there a chance to get all fit files at once?
kindly daniel