Resume interrupted workout

Hello, Minions. :sunglasses:

Have you Suffered today? I have; more than you.

I was heading into the Fourth Hammer today on a beautiful Nine Hammers Journey when my house suffered a power outage and my PC shut down. Upon rebooting, I clicked 9H from Today in the Home page, where it told me an In-Progress activity had been detected. Since the options were “Save” and “Delete”, I clicked the X to return so that I could try launching from Workouts and see if that allowed me to resume the workout. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and the partial workout was lost. Is there a way to recover it? (Edit: the next day, after rebooting the PC and the app, it showed the pop-up again, and I was able to save the part of the workout I’d thought was lost.)

About 6 minutes had gone by at this point, so I loaded the workout again, went back to where I was before the problem, and “finished” the workout.

If clicking the X is going to delete the partial file, please put a warning about it. However, I’d be very happy if you provided an option to resume the workout. I know I had a few extra minutes to recover, which interferes with the workout’s rhythm, but I was very disappointed in losing the file because of the lack of warning.

Thank you, and have a great day!

Renzo, thirteen hammers does have a nice ring to it


While on a similar theme, I started a workout recently. 30 seconds on and not all the sensors had connected, I needed to shut the app and start again.The 30 seconds was recovered and went into my calendar as a partially completed session. It could not be restarted from the calendar. It was a reduced power workout, but the only way I could find the settings was to go on to another device, call up the same training plan, find the workout and note the settings.It was a lot of messing about just to get riding again.A ticket was raised with the minions


Can you imagine that, Alan? It sounds like certain death :rofl:.

That’s an interesting experience! It’s definitely an opportunity for improvement, too.


I agree it is annoying. I’ve learnt not to restart when interrupted by the doorbell etc. Just pause and then restart. Don’t close the activity at all. Given they’ve had the ability to move forward and backwards in time for ages I don’t think it’d be very complicated to add it.

The one negative I can think of is that the resultant workout file wouldn’t have the break and so your ‘power record’ could be inaccurate. This is true with ‘pause’ though too. I think it’d be worth it.


If you want the “interruption” to figure as part of the registered workout, perhaps you can note the time, leave the workout running without pausing, and, once you return, pause and return to the moment the interruption started. That should work for that purpose, right?

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It depends on how confident you were about the length of the interruption. If the workout ended I’m pretty sure you’d be stuffed. It’s normally pretty obvious from the power graph when you stopped so I wouldn’t note the time. It’s returning before the workout ended that’d concern me.

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dang just learned this the hardway… bumped my mouse’s back button while at the end of a ramptest welp guess what no ramp results now FML on that one