How to set up the systm on my lap top?

i have paid my subscription & downloaded systm for windows - its in my downloads file but i can not activate it?
[RGT works ok]

Have you installed it? What happens when you try to use it?

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What OS and version are you using?

Do you get any error messages?

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Thanx for all your replies - turns out I needed to ‘give permission & authorise’ the download - once I did this it opened up ok.

spoke too soon!!!


I’ve downloaded the SystM app for Windows - it sits in my download file but i get a message saying ‘…‘this file is not often downloaded… is it safe…?’
It doesn’t open when i click ‘open’’

My lap top is HP Pavillion/windows 11/vsn21H2/intel i5/64bitosD

No such issues when i downloaded the RGT app.

Its frustrating as i have have to re-download the Systm app every time i want to train!! I’ve saved a short cut to desk top but it doesn’t activate when i click it.

Any advice pls - or idiots guide as i’m a bit of a technophobe.