How to setup a manual workout in X environment

I would to like understand how to setup a manual workout in the X environment.
At the moment my coach create the workout in Coachpeacking app ( and I transfer every workout manually in trainingpeaks ( in order to have all the exercises in my watch (element rival) and bike computer (element bolt).
There is a way to setup in the some x environment (X app, element app or other) my workout manually in order to not pay more trainingpeaks app?
There are other way to see my stats in x environment (at the moment I use element app for I-phone but the report are not very precises).

many thanks!

@silverhand Neither SYSTM or the Element app have workout builders but you should be able to use the free version of TrainingPeaks to create a workout or you could also use something like ZWOfactory to create the file.

Note that as of now you can’t import a workout into SYSTM and ride it but you can do that in RGT by emailing the .zwo file to or syncing your TP account to the Element app and doing the workout on your head unit.