How to structure rides across a week on holiday

I am in the fortunate position where I am going to sunnier climes on holiday with my bike and an accommodating partner. I will be able to ride a fair amount across the week - probably 3 days, perhaps 4, out of 6 non-travel days. I have therefore been pondering how best to arrange the days I ride across the week, assuming I have a free hand to choose, to get the best training benefit. Is there any merit in doing alternate days on/off vs say doing two days on back-to-back?

For context, I am training for a long hilly sportive about 2 weeks after the end of the holiday. Typically the rides I would be looking to do are 3-5 hrs, though perhaps one should be longer. The terrain is quite mountainous with 20-50 min climbs at moderate gradients.

I would be interested in people’s views.


I usually start my tapering for a race three weeks out, two cutting weeks of volume but keeping intensity and the final week being race week.

I assume you were on a strucutred plan and been about 8/9 weeks at least up to now?

I would go ride and be free but with the aim of not doing too much volume, about 25-30% less than your last big build week (ie, last weeks volume), add in some short intensities and feel the wind in you face. Get the fast twitch muscle fibres active and firing again.

I wouldn’t go smash hills or segment/KOM hunting, nor would I spend most of my ride churning the big gear in this week. it will be tempting feeling possibly fresh with the first of two de-load weeks.

You have the next two weeks thereafter to get serious again, be structured, cut more volume, and to keep the intensity.

Good luck for your race.