Taper before 300km hilly event

In a couple of weeks I am doing a 300km hilly ride. Training is not going great. I have some physical (lower back/hip) problems for which I am seeing a physio therapist, but legs just aren’t feeling great neither.

A typical training week is a couple of ftp/map sessions, a recovery ride and a long, hilly ride. In the past I have really messed up in the weeks before an event and not being fresh at the start at all. Now, with training not going as expected I need a good taper week(s).

Any advice for my last two weeks before the event?

When is the event? If it is far away, you should get the training plan thing sorted. If it’s a month or less, you neeed to get the taper thing sorted.
For tapering: day one: some sort of recovery level ride. Any 45 minute or less non-HIIT level ride. Day wo yoga and strength (this should be a 1 sequence workout for strength). Day three: Tapers. Day four: Recharger. Day five: Stretching Yoga. day before event: Primers. Day of: Breathing yo Crush Them, Event, Recovery Booster or Shake Off The Day.
However, you need to, right now, get back on the Plan. I didn’t and I suffered unnecessarily.

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The event is May 1.

Thanks for your input. Would you do a long hard ride just before this taper week?

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Long ride, maybe Zone 2/3 no more than 1/2 distance but maybe the same amount of climbing you expect in that distance. Definitely NOT a really heavy effort.

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Please pay attention to JMackenzie… What he is describing is almost exactly what I have in my plan for an event on May 7th. My last long ride is two weekends before and is 4 and 1/2 hours, the weekend before is only an hour and a half long.

By the way what event is 300 km long?

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It’s an organised group ride that takes place every year on May 1. It is not a race and I’ve done it before without a problem. But it has been a while since I could ride without pain an I am a bit nervous now.

All I got is draft as much as you can and look at the course map for possible turn around or bail out points. Good luck!

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