Which workouts week before cycling holiday

Next Wednesday I’m going an a 5 day cycling holiday. My fitness is bad compared to previous years. Tomorrow I’m doing one big last trainingride hoping to up my fitness. Which workouts do you suggest in the 5 remaining days. Obviously I will do a recovery ride on Friday.

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with only 6 days to go after your big training ride, I dont think there’s much you can do to increase your fitness without also experiencing a fair amount of fatigue so your “freshness” for the 5 day cycling holiday will not be great.

If it were me, at this point, I’d do the Full Frontal prep week plan scheduled to end next Wednesday but instead of doing FF, just enjoy your cycling holiday.

Edit: where are you going?


A big training ride less than 1 week before is a risk I’d be reluctant to take. Fitness is gained over months of consistency rather than one off mega rides.

When i’m doing multi day trips I always prioritise being fresh to start them.
I’d do something like: Easy ride Thursday, ‘Recharger’ Saturday, Easy ride Monday


Good advise, thank you Andy and Glen.

I’m going to Mallorca.


NICE!! Enjoy!

Hey @MatthiasC ,
I echo everything @Glen.Coutts and @AndyP said. Nothing much to add here except have fun and enjoy the rides in Mallorca!