Reshuffle or restart plan?

Hello! I’m new to the forum. I’m sure this question has been addressed somewhere, but I’m still learning my way around. I’ve developed an initial training plan, but then I got COVID, had business travel, etc. I also do a fair amount of unstructured workouts, e.g., MTB rides. Given that, I’ve been trying to just reschedule the missing days, eliminate structured worksouts that conflict with unstructured, etc. It’s a bit haphazard. But, I particularly want the balance of workouts, strength, and mobility.

Does it make more sense to just start over with a plan once I’ve missed a week or two, or do folks have some way of shifting the workouts out a few weeks?

For me, it depends how many weeks of the plan are left. If it’s 2-3 weeks left and I can wiggle things around to keep the schedule or extend a week, I’ll do that. If it’s 2 weeks into a 12-week plan, I would just restart, but with the start date in the past so I don’t have to redo the weeks I have completed (assuming I feel like I have maintained fitness from then).


This is a good answer! :+1:t2:

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Thanks! That’s really helpful. Is there a way to clear out the calendar so I can start from scratch? Or do I need to delete all of the activities individually?

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If you “view summary” from the calendar view, then view your current plan, you can delete the entire plan at once. Everything you’ve already done will remain.

Individually scheduled workouts would have to be deleted one-by-one.


Found it. Thanks!

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