Xmas week training plan pause

Hi. I’ve done a search but couldn’t see a specific answer for my query. I will be 6 weeks into my 12 week plan when I get to Xmas week - for a few reasons I will struggle to get the planned sessions in that week - so was wondering if there is a facility to pause the plan for a week rather than trying to move every workout manually to the following weeks (bit clunky). I know it’s not ideal to have a week off mid plan but realistically life gets in the way sometimes. TIA.

What you can do is delete your current plan and then re-apply it with a new end date 1 week further forward than before.

It sounds a bit drastic but actually works well and won’t delete workouts already completed.


Thankyou - does seem a bit drastic but I’ll give it a go. My last day before having a break will be a half monty - presuming any updated numbers will be rolled forward into the next 6 week block even though I’ve messed with the plan?

If any minions reading I think it would a good feature to have built in whereby you could pause for a short period?



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Yes any updated 4DP metrics should apply to all future workouts regardless of your plan.

The bonus of applying a new plan is that you get all the latest videos, as the plans were updated very recently. I just updated my plan for this reason. Now I get the new inspirational videos in place of the reduced intensity rides.

Just make sure you apply the new plan with your intended finish date (not start date) and it will crop the plan to fit. You will still get workouts assigned to your week off, but they should be duplicates of what you already did in your last week of the current plan. You can’t delete these, but you could move them far into the future so they effectively disappear.

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Thanks for detailed reply