🚀 New Knowledge Episode - Understanding 4DP Pt 3: Maximal Aerobic Power

Driving up your MAP isn’t the easiest thing, but it’s probably the most rewarding. Here’s how to do it.

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Episode 19 here: Neal’s Pick

Want to improve your FTP? Then you better start focusing on your MAP (Maximal Aerobic Power). After exploring the science of MAP, including why you ought to choose your parents well, Neal and Mac explain why this aspect of your 4DP delivers such fantastic rewards when you work on developing it. To help you get started on that, they also share some of their favorite SYSTM workouts for building MAP. Nine Hammers or Rue the Day, anyone?

Enjoy it! It’s Nice!


@#$% MAP workouts. I twice did MAP blocks this past year and they were just miserable. (Plus as a sprinter my MAP isn’t the greatest anyway, so…)