How to use the sufferfest for the first time?

I’m in a trial period as I just signed up today
what should I do first ?
I see that there are lots of workouts, but can we create them ourselves ?
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I would suggest simply loading up the 14 day trial training plan from the special focus section as that gives you a good introduction to the various types of workout available. Of course you can manually pick individual workouts directly from the library, but I think it’s better to use the training plans, especially when first starting out.

When I started I did the 14 day trial plan followed by the FF prep plan and then went into the 12 week all purpose road plan. There are suitable plans for all types of riding.



Forgot to mention that you can’t build your own workouts. But you can adjust the intensity of the set workouts and those will be automatically adjusted for you when you do the 4DP test, so it’s important to get a good benchmark early on. To make it easier you can do the ramp test (Half Monty) to set initial power levels.

And if you get stuck please feel free to reach out to our world-class support staff. You can reach them here.

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It is worth mentioning that there are Open videos that allow one to do whatever you like with no storyline or instructions to follow.

Not building a workout per se because there’ll be no way to translate the profile you want to the screen but I use them frequently.

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