Hi. Does da SYSTM learn and change the heart rate zones in the app during the development of my fitness, or is that done only when suffering through the FF 4dp? Trying to sort the zones out in SYSTM/Garmin/Strava

SYSTM sets your HR zones based on the cTHR of your most recent Full Frontal or Half Monty.


Hello @Magnus_M72!

You could complete a 4DP test outdoors as indoor and outdoor heart rates can vary largely due to the differences in training environment. Your zones seem much higher with Strava, is this due to riding hard all the time in search of Segments and KOMs? Very different from Wahoo and Garmin. Just want to be sure those Strava zones are not your running zones? I suggest you continue to use Wahoo SYSTM zones for indoor workouts.

Thank you!

Hi and thanks. Does it effect the cTHR when riding outside as well? Good to know that I shouldn’t set Garmin/Strava as SYSTM.

@Magnus_M72 The answer is…it depends! Ha. Heart rate response is very individual. Most will see a difference between indoor and outdoor heart rates.

Heart rate response can be influenced by-

Environmental factors such as Temperature.
Training Readiness such as Fatigue.

Hydration, Nutrition Timing and Airflow are also key factors.

Best to replicate some indoor efforts outdoors.

Happy Training!